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In October of 2010, Alexis Allen got sick with what seemed like a simple cold. “It lasted until my 19th birthday in December,” Alexis said. “On the day of the Super Bowl, I had a serious migrane. The next day I woke up screaming in pain.”

Alexis had no idea what was wrong or why she was so sick. “I ended up getting pneumonia and the pulmonary doctor said that flying me to St. John’s Hospital would be the best thing for me,” said Alexis. “They suggested a bone marrow procedure. On my way home, SIU called and said I needed to turn around and come back….I was going to be admitted because I needed a blood transfusion.”

One day later, Alexis received the news. “I was told that I had ALL leukemia. I will never forget the 17th of March. I wasn’t aware of how critical and life-changing the results would be.”

The most difficult part for Alexis was the chemotherapy. “My hair fell out and the chemo made my emotions go from one extreme to the other….in addition to making me sick all the time.”

It was difficult for Alexis to not be living the life her friends were. “Being 19 and watching my friends go to college, parties, etc. while I was stuck in a hospital bed was hard. Also, seeing my friend Blake go through cancer and being sick was super difficult.”

Alexis pulled through and is officially cancer free! “I got to attend college and I have traveled/lived in southern Georgia, Tennessee and back to Illinois. I met the love of my life and we tie the knot on October 5th! The biggest blessing is our 2 ½ year old son Maverick.”

Alexis remains thankful for the care she received at St. John’s. “f it weren’t for the doctors, nurses, child life specialists and other patients – literally everyone at St. John’s, I wouldn’t be here today. There are not enough words to say thank you for helping me fight, and win, my battle.”

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