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The story of Brayden Finke

Brent and Samantha Finke had no idea that their son’s entry into this world would be much sooner than they expected. “My OB noticed something wasn’t right,” said Samantha. “I was sent to a specialist at St. John’s where we were told that Brayden would have to be delivered soon.”

Brayden was born at 32 weeks (due to server preeclampsia and HELLP syndrome) and weighed just 2 lbs, 15 oz. “I was absolutely terrified when he was born at 32 weeks,” said Samantha. “I kept thinking there was no way this was happening. The whole pregnancy up to this point had been so easy.”

Brayden survived and after seven weeks in the NICU, he was discharged. “When Brent and I left for the first time, my heart felt more broken than when I came in to deliver. After seven weeks in the NICU, we got used to it, but it still wasn’t easy.”

3-year-old Brayden is now doing well! He loves spaghetti, bowling and he wants to be a doctor because he likes helping people. “He’s incredibly smart and has a clean bill of health. He’s very active and loves playing sports!”

Samantha is eternally grateful for the care he son received at St. John’s. “All of the nurses were so kind and attentive. They made us feel like everything would be OK.”

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