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Kelly Riley knew that a cold that hit her daughter Cadence wasn’t your normal cold. “Colds were going through our household like a normal winter, but for some reason this cold hit Cadence really hard,” she said. We got to the point where 911 had to be called. She was hardly moving and her lips turned gray. We rushed to Jacksonville to get her stable but then she was airlifted to St. John’s.”

Cadence had to be intubated. “While it was very scary seeing your daughter laying in bed with a tube breathing for her, it also put her dad and I at ease,” Kelly said. “With her underlying condition of Mitochondrial disease, we had to try and decide what would be the best route for Cadence not just in the moment but also in the future. We decided the trach was the best option.”

Since the original stay, Cadence has been an inpatient four times…mostly to get over simple colds which can be very dangerous to her.

Cadence is now doing well and continues to get stronger! She will celebrate her 2nd birthday in December.

“The doctors and caregivers are wonderful, especially the staff in the PICU! I feel like we got spoiled. Not only is Cadence well lovedand taken care of, but when her siblings come to visit and everyone swarms around your kids asking about school, etc., you just know the caregivers go above and beyond what they have to.

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