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MIRACLE MONDAYS – Colin Daughtery

Colin Daughtery decided that his entry into the world would come much sooner than his parents expected. “I had preeclampsia and high blood pressure at 32 weeks,” said Rachel Daughtery, Colin’s Mom. “Contractions started 3 days later and my baby’s heart rate dropped so I had to have an emergency c-section.”

The C-section was not something the Daughtery’s had planned on. “The doctors and nurses told me that the baby needed to come out and quickly prepped for a c-section and it all happened so fast. When we heard what was about to happen, I was shaking and everyone was scared.”

Colin was born October 8th,2016. “He was born with a club foot which we knew ahead of time from the anatomy ultrasound. He stayed in the NICU for 3 weeks and we always celebrated the milestones that got us closer to leaving the NICU!”

Today, Colin is almost 2 years old and enjoys mac and cheese and baby Einstein!

Rachel remembers the amazing care she received at St. John’s and one specific nurse who has a special place in her heart. “Our favorite caregiver is Dennis in the NICU! He always made me feel at ease since it was overwhelming. We later found out he lives just 4 houses down from us!”

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