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An ER visit to St. John’s revealed more to Jane Cozby about her son Dax then she ever imagined. “It started with a Cat scan,” Jane said. “They came back and told us it was with heavy hearts that they had found a mass and would need to do more testing. Then they scheduled an MRI and confirmed that the mass was big enough that it would have to be removed.”

For Jane, everything was moving quickly and she had a number of important questions. “It all happened so fast,” she said. “We had dozens of question; How had this happened? How long had it been there? Was it cancerous?”

Dax would need surgery. “The hardest part was hearing exactly how the procedure would go and what they would have to do to remove the tumor and the possible side effects. They told us that he could lose aspects of his personality and it could be like starting over with an infant.”

Dax made it through and when he opened his eyes, he started recognizing family members! “After saying Mommy, he asked if he could have some onion rings and milk.I have never felt so much relief in my life!”

Jane is thankful for the care she received at St. John’s, especially from Child Life specialist Megan. “Megan stayed with me through every one of his procedures! She provided me a constant calming influence and would magically appear every time I thought I was going to fall apart.”

Today, Dax is 4 years old and loves all the toy story movies….and onion rings! “He wants to be an astronaut and go to outer space! We’re so thankful for St. John’s. We would not be where we are today without the amazing and dedicated care we received. This was the worst thing our family has ever imagined going through but the staff at St. John’s made it bearable.”

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