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MIRACLE MONDAYS – Edward and Jacob Threlkeld

Stephanie Threlkeld thought she was coming to HSHS St. John’s Children’s Hospital for just an ultrasound. “While we were here, we were informed that baby b was low on fluids and it was too dangerous to leave them in,” said Stephanie. “It was then too dangerous to leave them in and they needed to be taken out immediately.”

On Christmas Eve, Edward and Jacob Threlkeld entered the world at just 31 weeks gestation. “On Christmas Eve our boys were delivered,”Stephanie said. “We were completely on edge hoping to hear them cry. They did! The nurses brought them up to my face to see before they rushed them upstairs to the NICU.”

Stephanie is thankful for the care the twins received in the NICU while they were there. “From the time I was first able to go up to the NICU until Jacob and Edward were released, everyone was very friendly! They treated us great and anything that came up they would explain to us so we could understand.”

The happiest moment for the Threlkeld family? When the twins were able to go home! “They came home a few days apart. To have them home was the greatest thing ever!”

Jacob and Edward are now doing great. They love to climb and wrestle each other and they’re favorite foods are Cheetos and anything green!

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