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January 3rd, 2012 will be a day the Cain family will never forget. Ella Cain was rescued by Quincy firefighters from a fire that eventually destroyed the entire home.

“It was absolute terror,” said Sarah Ginster Cain, Ella’s Mom. “The fire broke out in Ella’s bedroom and she was eventually airlifted to St. John’s. The hardest part was not knowing what was happening in the hours it took us to get the Springfield after the Helicopter left.”

Although Ella survived, the family knew that the road ahead would be a long one. There would be therapy sessions, painstaking changes for wound dressings and more. “The scariest part was waiting for the surgeries to end,” Sarah said. “The best part was when doctors starting talking about going home.”

Fast-forward to 2019…Ella is a sassy, wonderful second grader who loves playing minecraft, watching My Little Pony and enjoying cheese pizza with ranch dip!

“St. John’s was absolutely the best place for our family! The nurses became our family. They held our hand through everything and never made us feel bad for needing a break. Dr. Mander always referred to Ella as ‘Baby Doll.’ I will always remember that. When we return for surgeries, we know we are home.”