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The story of Ethan Viste

Jackie Viste remembers the sonogram that changed her life. “They explained to me that my fluids were measuring very low and I needed to go to the hospital and the baby was going to be born early,” said Jackie. “I was 32 weeks.”

Ethan Viste was born 2 days later weighing just 2 pounds, 8.1 ounces. “I remember hearing the tiniest cry when he was born and being so relieved to at least to be able to hear that,” said Jackie. “He was a fighter from day one.”

The NICU stay for the Viste family was a roller coaster ride. “Everything seemed to happen so fast and we were so scared,” said Jackie. “I always say that you are forever changed when you step foot inside of a NICU. It is a world that no one wants to be a part of, but after experiencing it first-hand, it is a place of miracles, hope and love.”

Jackie remembers the day she was told that they could take Ethan home. “Dr. Batton told me that I could take Ethan home the following day. It was unexpected.”

Ethan is now a thriving 7-year-old who enjoys tacos, ninja class and teen titans go!

“He used to say ‘I can do hard things,” said Jackie. “I remind him that as a teeny tiny baby, he overcame outrageous obstacles.”

Jackie is grateful for the exceptional care she received at St. John’s. “Every parent who has to leave their child there leaves their heart in those walls and entrusts their everything to the staff. The doctors and nurses are truly angels among us.”

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