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MIRACLE MONDAYS – Hannah and Sadie Wassell

It was a routine anatomy scan that changed the course of Callie Wassell’s pregnancy. “It was discovered that my cervis was funneling and I was already dilated at a one,” Callie said. “I was taken by ambulance from Jacksonville to St. John’s where I was put on bedrest.”

Doctors informed Callie that this was a critical time. “The doctor calmly explained that if the babies were delivered that night, they would have a 50/50 chance of surviving,” said Callie. “From that moment on every day I stayed pregnant was a victory.”

After two weeks of bedrest, Hannah and Sadie Wassell were finally born. “We knew from our many discussions during our stay that there were many things that could go wrong during delivery, and we had no idea what challenges might await the girls based on their gestational age.”

The challenges were fairly minimal and the girls have been progressing well ever since. “The most difficult part of the experience has been the unknowns. Our girls were born so early that we didn’t know if they would make it. Once it became clear that would happen, the unknowns grew to breathing and eating on their own. Now that we have those things under control, we don’t know about things like hearing, sight or other developmental delays.”

As for the care they have received at St. John’s, the Wassell family could not be happier. “Never in a million years will we be able to explain how thankful we are for the care we received at St. John’s Children’s Hospital!”

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