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MIRACLE MONDAYS – Jaden Washington

Ashley Washington (Mother of Jaden Washington) knows it not easy when you don’t know what’s truly happening with your child.

“When Jaden was 3 months old, he suddenly started vomiting all his feeds he took by bottle,” said Ashley. “Still to this day we don’t exactly know what is going on.”

Jaden has been admitted to the hospital 11 times (due to vomiting and dehydration) and he has been put to sleep 7 times due to procedures and surgery. ““Our scariest moment was him getting put to sleep. The thought of him not waking up from surgery was the toughest thing we have ever experienced”

Jaden is a fighter and the family (along with the care teams) continue to explore what is happening and what the best treatment is. “He is such a fighter,” said Ashley. “He is doing OK. We have been trying very hard to get him to eat by mouth,”

The Washington family continues to receive care at St. John’s and they continue to show their appreciation for the staff. “They take their time and really work with Jaden. The care has been nothing but outstanding.”

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