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MIRACLE MONDAYS – Jordan Planitz

The challenges that Jordan Planitz has faced in 10 years are more than most encounter in a lifetime.

“He was originally diagnosed with MPPH….a condition where part of the brain is missing,” said Deanna Planitz, Jordan’s Mom. “He was also diagnosed with autism and just recently we got a diagnosis of a mutated gene. He had a fluid-filled tumor removed 2 years ago and we found out last week it has returned.”

Despite these challenges, Jordan has made progress. “Recently he has learned to talk in sentences and play with other kids!”

Considering Jordan wasn’t expected to ever walk or talk, he is definitely as inspiration to all he meets.

Noone knows what the future holds for Jordan, but one thing is for sure…the care he has received has been nothing short of excellent.

“All the children’s hospitals have been amazing!” said Deanna.

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