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MIRACLE MONDAYS – Kinley Winningham

 Amy Winningham knew there could be trouble ahead when her water broke at 34 weeks. “My water broke and Kinley was starting to go into distress,” said Amy Winningham, Kinley’s Mom. “After she was born, what went through my mind was is my daughter going to live? If she does, will it be a normal life?”

After Kinley was born, the Winningham family received the news that Kinley has Treacher Collins syndrome. “She has underdeveloped facial bones causing a small airway and underdeveloped outer ears,” said Amy. “There is a lot of unknown since her syndrome is rare. She has gone through seven surgeries so far and has many more to go to help improve her quality of life.”

Today, Kinley is a thriving 3-year-old who enjoys dancing, lemons and cheering for the Texas Longhorns!

“The hospital is great,” said Amy. “They saved out daughter’s life at birth and rehab continues to help her lead a normal life!”

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