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The sound of silence when a baby is born can be frightening and concerning for both caregivers and parents. For Jenye Smith, this fear became a reality on December 1st, 2017.

“When Lincoln was first born, his lungs were not completely developed since I had to be induced 4 weeks early and therefore he was unable to take deep breaths or cry out,” said Jenye. “They couldn’t get him to cry out when he was first delivered. He would make little gargling noises and grunts, but he never could get a big enough breath to cry.”

Lincoln was taken straight to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit once he was born. “I was scared and at a loss” said Jenye.

Lincoln pulled through but still had challenges ahead. “The scariest moment was when they had to put him back on the cpap machine after it had been removed because he was getting himself worked up and his heartrate was all over the place.”

Jenye still remembers the first time she laughed during the whole experience. “One caregiver told me that boys just aren’t as tough as girls. They need a little extra TLC when they’re born a little early. Just little drama queens!”

Today Lincoln is a happy, healthy 6 month old! “He loves watching Law and Order SVU with his Mom! His daddy says his favorite team is the Cardinals…he’s wrong! It’s the Cubs….!”

Jenye still remembers the excellent care she received at the Children’s Hospital. “I cannot say enough positive things about every little detail. From the moment we walked in the door to the time we were all headed home together, they were absolutely everything and so very vital to our care.”

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