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“The first donation Chad and I ever made to the Children’s Miracle Network was funding to purchase a Kangaroo Chair back in the winter of 2010 when we were in the NICU with Lucy. We saw the need so clearly; parents could not safely or correctly hold their preemies without the chair, but the unit (at the the time) had only 8-10 available because of their expense. They are also used with such frequency that they must be repaired or replaced every few years. In short, Kangaroo Chairs are definitely a must-have for each NICU bedside.” – Megan DeFrain, Mother of Lucy DeFrain.

The Defrain family knows first hand the importance of kangaroo chairs and k-care at St. John’s Children’s Hospital. During #makemaymatter, you can help fund much needed NICU Kangaroo chairs by donating here.

Check out Lucy’s story here.