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The story of Lydia Hannah

On October 24th, 2003, the world turned upside down for the Gregurich family. “The phone rang at 6:30am in the morning,” said Elizabeth Gregurich, Lydia’s Mom. “On our caller ID I saw our pediatrician’s home number, and in my mind I knew that the news I was about to get was not good.”

Lydia was diagnosed with Leukemia.

“We were overwhelmed with leukemia information,” Elizabeth said. “Phrases like percentages of survival, chemotherapy treatments, hair loss, etc.  The hospital was great about explaining every procedure, the schedule for the next two and half years, what to expect of it all. They slowed things down for us all, so that we could take it all in.”

After two and a half years, the family was ready to celebrate remission…then the relapse happened. “The relapse was the most difficult moment. It was emotionally devastating for her as she knew what was ahead of her.”

Lydia beat the odds, survived and began planning for the next chapter of her life.

Today, Lydia is a senior at the University of Missouri and is about to graduate with her RN, BSN from their nursing school. “I plan to work with kids when I graduate and I could not be more excited!” she said. “Eventually I hope to be an oncology nurse practitioner. I have loved my college experience and the amazing people I have been able to connect with. I will forever be so extremely grateful for my committed and sweet nurses and doctors who inspired me during my journey and our amazing CMN family!”

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