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The story of Mila Hott

On June 9th 2017, labor for Mila Hott did not go as planned. She was born via rapid forceps delivery, but she came out unresponsive.

“The NICU team immediately began working to resuscitate her and after several minutes, they were able to get a heart rate,” said Katlyn Hott, Mila’s Mom.  After she was resuscitated, she was stabilized with a breathing tube and transported to the NICU. Once she was stabilized in the NICU, she received a treatment called therapeutic hypothermia, and she was placed on a cooling blanket for 72 hours.

“After Mila was born, it became evident that something was wrong,” said Katlyn. “I remember thinking to myself that it was all a terrible nightmare that I would soon wake up from.”

“I knew that it was highly likely that she would not survive, or that if she did survive, she would suffer from severe mental and/or mental disabilities. I remember wondering if we would be planning a funeral instead of bringing out baby home.”

Mila did survive and Katlyn remember the happiest moment of them all. “The happiest moment was after Mila was re-warmed and we were able to hold her for the very first time.”

Today Mila is a happy, healthy, and thriving one year old who loves banana pancakes and Puppy Dog Pals! She is meeting all of the developmental milestones despite her having a rough start to life.

“Having worked in the NICU for almost four years at the time Mila was born, I already knew just how amazing the physicians, nurses, and staff in the Birth Center and NICU was. However, to be on the other side of the fence as a parent, I could not have asked for a more skilled, compassionate, and caring group of professionals to take care of our baby.”

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