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MIRACLE MONDAYS – Ramsey Dammerman

Jennifer Dammerman had no idea that a visit to hospital because she was not feeling well would result in her son being born premature.

“My water broke and I went into Labor,” said Jennifer. “I was scared. My niece and nephew had been born premature and I knew what that was like and Ramsey was coming six weeks earlier than they did so I thought he was going to be really sick.”

Ramsey’s birth went even better than expected. “When he was born his Apgar was 9 and 10! We were so happy. He didn’t have to have any breathing assistance the entire first day. We were so relieved. I will never forget how the nurses turned him over. I never could do it like they did, but I loved watching them.”

Today, Ramsey is a thriving 8-year-old who loves eating Horseshoes and wants to grow up to be a Zookeeper or football player.

“We feel so lucky to have such an amazing facility so close to home. It put me at ease when having my other two sons to be able to be at St. John’s.

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