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Miracle Mondays – The Pitcher Triplets

The story of Allison, Ellie and Aiden Pitcher

Born at nearly six weeks early, the Pitcher triplets would be born small but would prove to be fierce fighters.

“Everything happens so fast when the decision is made to deliver multiples,” said Becky Pitcher. “We were in the delivery room within an hour of being told today would be the day the babies were born. We knew, based off scans from earlier that day, that being born at nearly 34 weeks, these babies would be small and would need to be fighters.”

Delivery did not come without any challenges. “When an alarm goes off, you search the room to find out which baby is struggling,” said Becky. “All three of our babies were in the same room so we had a pretty good chance that the alarm we heard was one of our babies. It was scary to watch Aiden struggle to breathe shortly after delivery.”

The happiest moment for the Pitcher family? Going home on Day 28! “It was a great day when we headed home as a complete family of 6!”

How are the Pitcher triplets doing today? “Fantastic!” said Becky. “Ellie has a small hole in her heart that doctors continue to monitor. Allison is utilizing the services of HSHS Pediatric Rehabilitation. Aiden continues to lead the pack in strength, weight and development.”

“We put our faith and trust in the doctors at HSHS St. John’s Children’s Hospital. We knew our babies were in excellent hands, we just needed to trust and have faith that everything was going to be OK.

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