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MIRACLE MONDAYS – Triniti Walker

Triniti Walker’s birth did not come without some challenges. “She had rapid tissue growth due to long periods on the vent,” said Tracy Williams, Triniti’s Mom. “The growth was just below the vocal chords.”

The road ahead for Triniti would include surgery for a trach and multiple other surgeries. “I was scared,” Tracy said. “I wasn’t sure how for to care for her along with caring for my other children as well. We just took it day by day. We prayed for strength and guidance when we felt lost.”

Triniti pulled through. “My favorite moment was when they took me to see my baby after trach surgery!”

Triniti is now 2 year olds. “She’s doing wonderful! She’s still trach dependent but she’s growing daily.”

Tracy and Triniti taken advantage of the Beyond the NICU program and it’s tremendous benefits for Moms like Tracy and kids like Triniti. Learn more about the Beyond the NICU program in this video;

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