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The story of Rodger “Tristen” Perry

Indra Perry had no idea that her child’s life would ultimately be saved by an observant nurse. “I received a call from a nurse that one of our triplets was still fussy and she suspected he had an infection,” said Indra. “They ordered a test and found out he was positive for NEC.”

NEC (Necrotizing Entero Colitis) is a devastating disease that affects mostly the intestine of premature infants. The wall of the intestine is invaded by bacteria, which causes local infection and inflammation that can ultimately can destroy the wall of the bowel (intestine).

“It was so difficult,” said Indra. “We were trying to spend our time with each boy while thinking we could lose one. At one point, when the doctors were trying to set up timing on the ventilator, my husband thought they were documenting his time of death.”

Tristen survived and is now a normal, thriving 9 year old! He enjoys nachos, cheering for the Seahawks and one day he hopes to be a scientist! “The nurse’s understanding of NEC and early prevention is what saved his life,” said Indra. “It was comforting knowing that such qualified people were taking care of them. The care my boys received was top notch.”

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