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MIRACLE MONDAY – Kelby and Tenney Burchett

A premature birth can be scary for any family, but any birth under 25 weeks can be life or death. Kelby and Tenney Burchett were born at 24 weeks gestation, 16 weeks premature, and weighed just 1 pound each. “We didn’t know if our girls would survive their first day of life, being so early their chances were very slim,” said Jesse Burchett.

The Burchett girls spent 5 long and rough months in the NICU. They had numerous daily tests, MRIs, PICC Lines, terrifying codes and heart procedures. They spent long amounts of time on the ventilator. “Never in our lives did we think our tiny babies could go through so much, but we watched in awe everyday as they did and grew stronger and stronger,” said Jesse.

Today, Kelby and Tenney are 16 months old. “They are right on track for their corrected age of 12 months. You would never know they were micro-preemies!” They love dancing along to music, going to the park, reading books, and playing the day away.

“The St. John’s NICU became our home and the staff became our family over those long 5 months. Each doctor was amazing and included us in every little step along the way. The nurses are all spectacular, and some of the most passionate, loving people we have ever met. We thank God every day that our girls were lucky enough to be in such great care and were so loved by everyone during their time there.”