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The story of Aaron Shipman

Mike and Amber Shipman brought their son Aaron into the doctor for what they thought was a simple back injury. “Aaron had a freak basketball injury,” said Amber, Aaron’s Mom. “We kept putting him through physical therapy but he wasn’t getting better.”

The family would soon find out that Aaron had high risk b lymphoblastic leukemia. “He has leukemia and not the vanilla kind we would have wished for,” said Amber. “The first biopsy was intense. Everyone was scared and upset and then Aaron started rapping and we all just lost it with laughter. It reminded all of us that together we can laugh through anything.”

“We are currently working on finding a bone marrow match,” said Amber. “Although it’s been hard, the care has been incredible and St. John’s made something that is terrifying seem manageable.”

One moment Amber remembers is when she was comforted by a Child Life specialist. “Vanessa caught me having a moment in the waiting room when I was freaking out, crying and pretty close to a full meltdown. She told me take a deep breathe, take one day at a time…I seem miracles every day.”

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