MIRACLE MONDAYS – 11-20-17 – Brody Perkins

“Brody would not play with other kids. He would not look at anyone he didn’t know. He would scream and cry if anyone spoke to him. I was terrified.”

At 21 months, a speech evaluation revealed that Brody Perkins was Apraxic. “We were told he was one of the most apraxic children they had ever seen,” said Tiffany Perkins, Brody’s Mom. “We didn’t take Brody in public much because it was too much for him. Brody spoke one word and that was “yem” for yes.”

Brody began therapy immediately. “It took time but Diana, Jaime, Maureen and Whitney made therapy a fun experience for him!” said Tiffany. “We had speech once a week and then add OT and Aqua Therapy.”

Today, Brody is five years old, speaking in full sentences and starting conversations with other kids!

“The staff has St. John’s has been amazing!” said Tiffany. “They have been Caring, loving and supportive. Brody would not be where he is today without these ladies.”

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