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Being a nurse can give you a sixth sense about something being wrong with your baby. “Cal was born at 36 weeks gestation due to my high blood pressure,” said Lauren Noelke, Cal’s Mom. “As a nurse, I immediately realized something was wrong and before I could say anything the nurses took him off my chest to fully examine him.”

Lauren was unable to see Cal for 12 hours. When she did, Cal was on CPAP with labored and rapid breathing. “I was so worried about Cal, but I knew he was in the best place he could be,” Lauren said. “I never once worried about the care he was receiving.”

Cal remained on CPAP for 5 days after birth. Once he was off CPAP and oxygen therapy, he remained in the NICU for 9 days to work on feeding issues. He was discharged after a total of 14 days in the NICU.

“The happiest moment was when we were able to bring Cal home. Our 3 year old daughter cried tears of joy to finally have her new baby brother home!”

How is Cal doing now? “Cal is doing much better. He had surgery in November and February and we had excellent care in the surgery department. He’s also gotten therapy with Lucy and Susan in Pediatric Rehabilitation. Cal loves Buzz Lightyear and Toy story, just like his sister!”

The Noelke family is incredibly thankful for the care they received at St. John’s. “I started working at St. John’s as a nurse 7 years ago. I knew I wanted to work here when we started thinking about planning a family. I always said I wanted my children to be born here in case anything ever went wrong. I am so thankful I made that decision!”

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