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The story of Emma McGovern

Kory and Mickayla McGovern had no idea how much their lives would change after a fateful night at Olive Garden in Springfield. “Our daughter Emma was six weeks old when she went into Cardiac arrest at Olive Garden,” said Mickayla, Emma’s Mom. “Unbelievably, there were 12 off duty medical staff members there including an off-duty St. John’s NICU nurse who resuscitated her.”

Emma survived. However, the McGovern family soon learned what would lie ahead and what Emma would be dealing with for the rest of her life. “Emma has a specific chromosomal abnormality,” said Mickayla. “Little is known about this particular abnormality. Emma is the only documented case and we don’t necessarily have a clear picture about the future.”

Although Emma still faces daily challenges and an unclear future, her road has truly been a miracle to family, friends and medical staff. “She’s a come a long way in six years! She has been nothing short of God’s Blessing. Through all of it we know that God has a plan for Emma, us and every single person that this amazing little angel has touched with her life!”

As for the care the McGovern family has received at St. John’s, they are eternally grateful. “St. John’s is our second home because of Emma’s chronic illness. There is no other place on Earth we would want her to receive medical care!”

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