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Edward Bastean knows all too well the importance of raising money for kids treated at Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. As a Walmart Market Manager, Edward has been actively involved for years with fundraising for CMNH. In 2013, Edward got first-hand experience with Children’s Hospitals when his granddaughter was born.

“Evey’s Mom had preeclampsia,” Edward said. “We knew there were some challenges ahead and we weren’t exactly sure when she was born.”

Evey entered the word at just 29 weeks. “It all happened so fast for Evey,” Edward said. “We didn’t even make it to be there for the delivery. She was born and soon after she was on a life flight.”

Evey was born at just 1 lb, 12 ounces. “Our daughter didn’t even get to see her for 3 days.”

It was a scary time for the family but Evey survived.

Today, Evey is 6 years old! She loves pirates, fairies and princesses and even had a Pirate/Fairy birthday party!

“I understand the importance of fundraising even more now. Thank god for these Children’s Hospitals and the amazing work they do!”

Do you have a miracle child that was treated as HSHS St. John’s Children’s Hospital? Facebook message us or email and tell us your story! #miraclemondays