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Jessica Dour remembers the day she got an unexpected visit from the police.

“I was at work when a police officer arrived and told me he was there to take me to the hospital,” said Jessica. “I did not know what had happened, nor who was sick, until I arrived and was told my son had to be resuscitated.”

Jessica’s son Jackson had gone into cardiac arrest while Jessica’s father was holding him. After Jackson’s grandparents began CPR, EMS arrived and shocked him. Jackson was eventually admitted to the NICU at St. John’s Children’s Hospital.

“Each time we were talking to the physician in the family room, a nurse would come running in saying Jackson was coding again,” said Jessica. “I kept wondering how could this be happening to my baby boy? How could our life be perfect one minute and torn apart the next?”

Jackson survived and doctors believe he may have been experiencing “Interrupted SIDS.”

Today, Jackson is a healthy 6th grader who loves reading, prime rib and video games.

“The care at St. John’s was wonderful,” said Jessica. “There is nothing I could do to ever thank the PICU staff enough for giving my son back to me.”

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