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Katie Holt’s normal pregnancy took a frightening turn the minute she got to the hospital. “I showed up for delivery and immediately became aware that something was wrong,” said Katie Holt, Sam’s Mom. The heart rate monitor indicated that Sam’s heart rate was just 85 beats per minute (140-145 is normal) and dropping. The Nurse reached over and pressed a button on the wall. Suddenly, nurses and other technicians came running into the room. They were trying to tell me what was going to happen and all I repeated was just get him out. My doctor screamed ‘we are not losing this child. There’s something there.’ That’s the last I heard as the sedatives kicked in.”

Sam was born during an emergency C-section. At one point, his heart had actually stopped beating.

“When I woke up, my doctor was in tears as she told me how serious his condition was. She was not sure whether he would survive the ordeal and if he did, what type of brain damage he might have.”

Sam was given a chill cap (to cool brain temperature) for 72 hours. “We couldn’t believe it. This is every pregnant woman’s (and couples) nightmare.” When the chill cap was removed, slim progress was noted. Sam stayed in the NICU for 17 days. Finally, he was well enough to bring home.

“We knew the road to recovery would be long and difficult. We had our faith in God, each other and Sam.”

On the day before Thanksgiving 2008, Sam had another EEG which showed normal brain activity. “We were so excited! What an amazing gift to receive the day before Thanksgiving!”

Today, Sam is a happy and healthy 10 year-old who started 5th grade this year! Over the last few years, Sam has been involved in Taekwondo and has started to take up the trombone. Sam is an eager helper who  loves to mow lawns and do projects with his dad and also enjoys helping mom bake!

“Words cannot express our gratefulness to CMN for the care Sam received over the years. The expertise of the staff in the NICU is reflected by how well Sam is doing today.”

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