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MIRACLE MONDAYS – Taylor and Quinn Johnson

For Morgan Johnson, the birth of her twins came a lot earlier than expected. “I was sent to St. John’s Labor & Delivery for high blood pressure in my twin pregnancy,” Morgan said.  “Three days later, at exactly 28 weeks, I woke up in my hospital bed struggling to breathe and coughing.”

Morgan was suffering from life-threatening Pulmonary Edema. “The only option was immediate delivery,” said Morgan. “If I had been at home, the twins and I would most likely have died.”

Taylor was born at just 2lbs 6oz and Quinn was only 1lb 15oz.  Both girls were in the NICU for 79 days and were on oxygen support for over 9 weeks.  “There were a lot of scary moments and a lot of tears, but the consistent information, sincere hugs, and reassurance got us all through it.”

Today the girls are healthy and thriving at 9 months old and over 15lbs each.

“My husband and I are forever grateful to the doctors, nurses, and therapists for all they did for our girls and for us!”

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