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At age 5, Zoe Pramuk was diagnosed with Leukemia.

“We felt anger, fear and denial,” said Jennifer Pramuk, Zoe’s Mom. “The lab was probably wrong, right?”

Zoe was only five years old and two weeks into her first full year of kindergarten. “The doctor was surprised when she skipped into the hospital on the first day,” said Jennifer. “They thought she would be too weak to walk. That’s when he knew she would fight this and win. He knew she was stronger than the disease.”

Zoe did fight the disease and win. “She’s been declared cured and it’s been 7 years, but her father and I still fear it way back deep inside our hearts.”

Today, Zoe is a straight A student in middle school who enjoys tap dancing and dreams of one day being a writer!

“Amazing care was given to our child,” said Jennifer. “We found a second family with the staff who remain a part of our lives to this day.”

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