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MIRACLE MONDAY – Kamille Henson

Today is Kamille Henson’s 16th birthday!

It wasn’t long ago when Kamille was at gymnastics. She realized she couldn’t bend her legs as far as the other kids. She had a limited range of motion and went to get it checked out.

Kamille and her family found out that she had Coxa Vara, which is a deformity of the hip making the leg short and creating a limp. Kamille had to have three surgeries to correct it.

“The most difficult part of this experience was recovering from the first surgery. Kamille was unable to walk for several weeks after this because the doctors had to correct the femur on both legs,” said Jason Johnson, Kamille’s father.

After Kamille recovered, the doctors still had two more surgeries to perform. “With each surgery, we worried less and less because we’ve seen what the surgeons are capable of,” said Jason Johnson.

Kamille is getting ready to begin her junior year in high school. She loves to travel, sing, dance and is an active member of Titan Fever at Glenwood High School. She is also a member of Jazz Choir, Student Council and Key Club. She has also had roles in the high school’s musicals and performed in two Muni shows.

“I feel so grateful for everything that they have done for me. The surgeons did such a great job of explaining what was going to happen during each surgery. They made it really simple to understand and explained it to be a lot like carpentry and fixing a house.”

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