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MIRACLE MONDAYS — Kian and Dilan Irani

Leanne Irani was 34 weeks pregnant and felt an abnormal pressure. Her nurse practitioner told her that she needed to head over to St. John’s to be monitored.

“We checked in and learned that I was dilated to a 4 and beginning active labor. I had no bag packed, no camera on hand and mentally was not ready to be giving birth that day,” said Leanne Irani.

The doctor had to perform an emergency C-section due to one baby being in breech. Although scary, St. John’s staff and the Irani family knew it was necessary.

Leanne had twins at 5:39 and 5:41 pm that day. Dilan, twin B, spent about three weeks in the NICU and Kian, twin A, spent about two weeks.

“I am thankful for the St. John’s staff. The resident on shift in the delivery room took pictures of the birth of our twins with her personal cell phone and then shared them with us. It was one of the memorable gestures we received as I was a mess not having my belongings.”

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