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The story of Adelyne Edge

The beginning of Adelyn Edge’s life journey did not exactly go as planned. “We were sent to St. John’s and monitored for 3 days,” said Kallie Edge, Adelyn’s Mom. “Adelyn’s heart rate dropped and my contractions came back strong and close together on the 3rd night so we ended up having a C-section.”

Adelyn was born at just 31 weeks and she was immediately put into the NICU for prematurity and respiratory distress. “We were very scared and weren’t exactly sure as to what was happening. Everything went so fast…we really didn’t have time to think.”

Adelyn’s first cry did give the family a sense of hope. “When I heard her cry, it gave me a sense of relief, yet I was still worried what was going to happen to her knowing she was going straight to the NICU.”

Adelyn survived and is now a happy, healthy 2-year-old who likes singing and taking care of her cows and chickens!

“The doctors and staff at St. John’s were wonderful at keeping us informed. They told us the pros and cons of what could happen down the road. We couldn’t have been more pleased with the care we received!

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