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The story of Teddy McKinney

The family of Dale and Ann McKinney includes a number of adopted children. When they arrived in China to adopt another, they knew they had some challenges ahead of them. “The most difficult part was getting Teddy’s adoption processed safely,” said Ann McKinney, Teddy’s Mom. “Teddy was in very serious condition, and we were fearful about getting him home to the US safely.”

Teddy did arrive safely, and the McKinney family soon learned about the medical challenges he had. “Teddy has Pelizaeus Merzbacher Disease,” Ann said. “It’s a genetic form of Leukodystrophy, which causes severe cerebral palsy and other physical disabilities.”

Learning about what Teddy had was hard for the McKinney family, but they were glad to know the challenges he truly faced. “We were sad to learn that he has this disease, but thankful to know what we were up against. Teddy’s disease is progressive, but Teddy is doing very well.”

The McKinney family is thankful for every day with Teddy and the joy he has truly brought them. “We love every day when he smiles at us and we love watching him learn new things and grow!” Teddy enjoys peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, FROZEN, being outdoors and helping Mom. “Teddy wants to be Mommy’s best helper forever!”

The McKinney family is extremely grateful for the care they’ve received at St. John’s Children’s Hospital. “We appreciate all the staff including Dr. Matthews who is wonderful with all my kids! We are so thankful to have this hospital and the staff.”

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