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MIRACLE MONDAYS – Caden Fenderson

Torina Fenderson’s original due date for her son Caden was March 12th, 2010. “I had gone to the doctor on a regular visit for an ultrasound and they saw I had dilated so I had an emergency stitch and amnio and I was told to be on bed rest,” Torina said. “I started having pain 2 weeks later and that’s when Caden decided he wanted to see everyone.

Caden was born on November 15th, 2009 at just 23 weeks. He only weighed 1lb, 5oz. “At the beginning of the first week, he was so small,” said Torina. “I wondered if he was going to make it and what kind of problems he might have.”

What was it like waiting for test results to come back? “It was a nightmare. I was a basket case for a while.

Caden’s tests came out better than expected. With the help of caregivers and specialists at St. John’s (including therapy with therapists Julie and Susan), Caden thrived.

Caden turned nine this past November. He’s now in third grade at Harvard Park elementary. “Caden is a real sports kid! He plays baseball and he can hit the ball out the park. He also loves football, basketball, WWE and he’s always saying something funny!  He has grown so much….from 1lb 5oz to 76lbs!

What does the Fenderson think of the care they received at St. John’s? “If I had not been there and had their wonderful NICU staff on stand by, my baby boy might not have ever had a chance to even be here today.”

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