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The story of Chad Hicks

It was only after another ear surgery that Chad Hick’s parents found out their son had a cleft palate. “Our ear doctor told me and his dad that our son had a cleft palate,” said Heather. “We were scared. After the shock wore off we started to get the medical team in place that we knew he needed with this condition.”

“The most difficult part of the experience was being patient and know that Chad had a great team of doctors,” she said. “Their goal was like ours…..making Chad’s life the best we can for him.”

Chad has been through multiple surgeries to fix his cleft palate. “The scariest moments have been watching him go through the surgeries and hoping they will work,” Heather said. “You hope that all the food and drink stops coming out of his nose like it does often for Chad most days.”

Chad is now nine years old and doing great! He loves meatloaf and cheering for the Bears and Cubs. He also dreams of being a police officer one day.

“Chad is a strong, young little guy and he is a true gift from god with all that he has been through in his life. When he speaks it touches many people and many times we hear from so many that it makes their day when they talk to Chad.”

Heather feels the care she received at St. John’s went above and beyond. “There are so many staff members that crossed his path in his life from the nurses to the therapists to doctors that have seen him. They treat him with the most respect and also kind and caring thoughts and words every time we are there.”

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