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MIRACLE MONDAYS – Gabriella Schmollinger

The story of Gabriella Schmollinger

On June 21st, 2010, Tabatha Schmollinger spontaneously went into labor.

“The first thing that went through my mind was whether or not I would lose her…and would I die too,” said Tabatha.

Both Gabriella and Tabatha made it through but Tabatha knew it was going to be a hard road ahead for Gabriella. “At first it was unlikely that she would go home,” Tabatha said. “The scariest moment was when she got NEC.The happiest moment was when I got to hold her and when we finally took her home.”

The Schmollinger family got through the experience through family, friends and prayer. “Gabriella always said that God made her special.”

Tabatha will never forget the exceptional care she and Tabatha received at St. John’s Children’s Hospital. “Because of the care we received, everyone has a place in our hearts forever!”

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