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The story of Jessica Nika

When Rebecca Nika heard that her daughter was diagnosed (in utero) with Down syndrome, it hit her hard. “When my head finally caught wind of the news and caught up with my new reality, I fell apart,” said Rebecaa. “It was two days of tears”

“When she was born, I expected to be startled by her Down syndrome……it did not happen,” said Rebecca. “I saw the most glorious child I have ever seen. She was no longer a diagnosis or a fear of complications. She was my baby girl and I was in love.”

Jessica needed surgery at just three days old and she would need surgery for her heart as well. Part of her journey included flying to Boston for a pioneering technique to keep her trach open. After three months there, it worked. Jessica came home with a fixed heart and no vent.

Today, Jessica is a healthy 20-month-old who loves ketchup and throwing Mommy and Daddy’s glasses on the floor! “We have several specialists and lots of hospital stays….this isn’t over. She needs to learn to eat and we need to work with her core strength. However, it’s in the darkest moments that the rays of light are the brightest.”

Rebecca said this about her favorite caregiver; “I can’t pick one! I’m sorry. I love them all. The care continues to carry us forward in a very positive manner.”

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