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Devyn Eskew’s second pregnancy was going as planned. ‘With Lane, it was a normal, uncomplicated pregnancy,” Devyn said. “Then one morning I was getting ready for my day when starting having sharp pains that felt like contractions.”
Devyn was, in fact, having contractions. “The contractions got more severe and they were only 3-4 minutes apart,” she said. “My husband and I headed to St. John’s. I vividly remember the car ride up there from Hillsboro. I kept telling my husband that he was going to have to get us there faster. I knew I was in labor but I did not want to scare him.”
When Rhett and Devyn arrived they met a familiar face. “We had a sigh of relief because we met Megan….a nurse we had seen previously. She is an amazing, experienced nurse and she made us feel at ease.”
The Eskews were about to learn some concerning news, though. “When the doctor looked at Megan and felt my baby’s head and my water sac, my husband and I were hysterical and fearful. We are both registered nurses and since I am a former PICU nurse, this hit me like a ton of bricks.”
Enter Dr. Beal. “She was amazing! She met us at the door and said ‘we are having a baby today!’ I need you to focus and breathe. You can do this.”
Lane Eskew entered the world quickly after that. “I pushed for seven minutes and my beautiful baby boy was born! He was crying, breathing…even peeing!”
The Eskew family spent 43 days at St. John’s NICU.  “It now seems like a blink in time, but when we were going through that with our son, it seemed like a lifetime.”
Today, Lane is seven months old, He is happy and healthy and loves to laugh as he watches his big sister run around! “The care we received at St. John’s was amazing. They took care of Lane but they also took care of me and my husband as well. I feel like I made life-long friends in my 43 days there with them!”

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