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Miracle Mondays – Nathan Fox

Understanding cancer is not easy for a 6th grader. Nathan Fox knows all too well. “I was in 6th grade when I went in for a biopsy on my neck,” Nathan said. “The doctors had to take out the lymph node since it was enlarged and when results came back, it came out positive. I was diagnosed with Nodular lymphocyte-predominant Hodgkin Disease.”

Cancer can be a scary diagnosis for a young child. “I didn’t really understand the concept of the word disease,” said Nathan. “I just remember everyone telling me that everything was going to be alright. I also remember telling my Mom that everything will be alright and that I will be able to beat this.”

There were definitely hard moments for Nathan during the journey. “The most difficult part of the experience was losing one of the kids I met there. Every time I went in, Travis was there and he was always amazing to be around. He brought me joy and happiness and made hard times bearable.”

Holidays will always be something Nathan will never forget. “I remember when I was in the hospital during Christmas. Some caring people brought me a stuffed animal as a gift. It meant the world to me and I still have it to this day. I never forgot that moment and for the first time this past year my girlfriend and I were able to give back to the kids on the 5th floor!”

Today, Nathan is 21 years old and just celebrated being cancer free for 10 years!

“I can truly say that I was never alone during it all and that I had the best caregivers and doctors to help treat me. There were always there for me when I needed anything and that will always stick with me. That’s something you don’t forget when you are going through something as hard as cancer at a young age.”

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