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Donna Moyer came home from work one evening and found her son Sean lying on the floor. Sean was not completely responsive and his color wasn’t right.

Sean has Hurler’s Syndrome, which means he has smaller airways.  “I hooked up his pulse ox and it read 18%,” said Donna Moyer. “I knew that couldn’t be right because he was sitting up looking at me. I tried a different one and it read 23%.” Donna immediately called the doctor and rushed to the hospital.

Sean was taken back into the operating room, had a tube placed, and was then put on a ventilator that he remained on for two weeks.

Two weeks later (after Sean had recovered), Sean’s procedure to have a trach and gtube (to help with his oxygen levels) did not go as planned. Sean became sepsis. “I remember hearing that they have never seen labs that looked this bad and see the child pull through,” Donna said.

It was a long and hard weekend of uncertainty.  “Dr. Basnet finally came in and told me that Sean was going to make it and he was a miracle child.”

Sean spent most of 2018 in the PICU. He has been back twice in 2019, but for much shorter stays.

How did the Moyer family feel about the care they received at St. John’s? “The PICU staff became family to us! The doctors and nurses are truly a blessing.  We couldn’t be more blessed to have a caring medical team like we have had.”

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