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As a long term employee of Wal-Mart, Jodi Hoerner knows the importance of raising money for kids treated at St. John’s. Little did she know how directly impacted she would be.

Just like any other Saturday afternoon, Jodi’s daughter Neve was playing outside with her sister Morgan. They had invited some friends over to play basketball.  Jodi, Neve Horner’s mother, had received a frantic phone call from Morgan.

“Mom! Get here, get here, get here. I just had to call an ambulance. It is really bad. Her head is bleeding” said Morgan. Neve had fallen and cracked her skull.

Once she got to the hospital, Neve was taken to the Trauma Center. This is when the accident really set in for Jodi. “It was hard, but they had a phenomenal team. They had people on staff in case Neve needed anything. They had staff checking to make sure there were no other severe injuries. Nev spent three days in the PICU. She had broken her right wrist from trying to catch her fall.”

“Child Life is enormous! They made sure to constantly check on Neve. No matter what room she was in, they followed her from trauma, to PICU, to a regular room. They brought activities for her to do. Although St. John’s takes care of a lot of children, it is comforting to know that they will take care of your teens too. They will take care of them no matter what accident may pop up later on in life and for that, I am forever thankful for HSHS St. John’s Hospital.”

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