The story of Ben Hobson

No parent is prepared for the news that their child has cancer. “When Dr. Brandt told us, I almost passed out and then I wanted to know if he was going to die” said Patti Hobson, Ben’s mother. Ben was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.

The next few years would be the most challenging for the Hobson family. The scariest moment for the Hobson family was when Ben collapsed while walking. “I thought he had died right then”, Ben’s mom said.

Through the support and prayers of Ben’s school, church, family, friends, and their faith in God, they believed that they would get through it…and they did.

Patti remembers when Ben commented on how the treatment was going. “He said if the treatment wasn’t working, he would be okay with dying. “

Ben is 16 years old now and has been in remission for 4 years. He wants to go into chemical engineering with the possibility of developing new cancer drugs for children!

The Hobson family will always be grateful for the care that they received at St. John’s Children’s Hospital. “It was excellent care and they are responsible for saving the life of my child.”

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