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Erik Matich has seen more challenges in his first five years of life than most of us see in a lifetime. “Erik was born at just 27 weeks,” said Alysia Matich, Erik’s Mom. “He was just 2 pounds, 4 ounces. He spent 88 days in the NICU and came home on what would have been my due date.”

Erik’s early challenges led to developmental delays including delayed speech, crawling and walking. “He was regular at Pedi Rehab getting a variety of therapy services,” she said. “We’ve seen him make a lot of progress at St. John’s Pedi Rehab!”

Erik, however, was not out of the woods. In September, Erik was diagnosed with Leukemia. “He has a 95% chance of survival with proper treatment. It’s been hard watching him in pain and having to deal with so many medical issues due to a weak immune system.”

The Matich family has learned to savor the good moments and the good news. “One of the best moments was when Dr. Brandt told us he was in remission! I also remember when, at the end of the song the music therapist was singing, Erik added ‘and I hope I get better soon!’”

Today, 5-year-old Erik enjoys cinnamon rolls, cheering for the Cardinals and vacuuming! “His favorite people are Dr. Brandt and Nurse Libby! We have received excellent care while here.”

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