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The story of Nick Brahler

A busy Saturday of sports for 10-year-old Nick Brahler turned into a day that the Brahler family will never forget. “He had a busy Saturday with baseball practice, flag football and basketball,” said Elizabeth Brahler, Nick’s Mom. “He started feeling pain in his knee. At first it was thought to be a strain or bone bruise but it turned out to be much more serious.”

Doctors feared that Nick had infection in his right hip so he was immediately admitted into the hospital.  “Nick was in so much pain that he simply could not sit still in the MRI tube long enough for the machine to get a clear picture of the infected area. Nick’s condition continued to worsen so late that evening they decided to do surgery without the MRI because they feared that Nick had a septic  hip.”

Nick did have a septic hip and the Brahler family soon found out Nick would need additional surgery. The doctors removed more infection from Nick’s hip bone and when he came out of surgery he was placed in pediatric ICU where he would spend the next eleven days.”

The years ahead for Nick included seven surgeries, physical therapy and a long road back to where he once was.

Nick is now a Senior at SHG! He plays baseball, roots for the Cubs and the Vikings and is planning on attending college at ISU.

“We are so thankful for all staff at St. John’s! They reacted quickly to his life-threatening situation, saved his life and helped him get the care he needed to recover!

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